EMail & SMS Marketing

EMail & SMS Marketing

EMail & SMS Marketing

This is actually being replicated as sharing or sending a commercial message using E-mail. When any mail regarding the product is being shared with the prospect or the real customer is termed as email marketing.

All time Benefits:-

  • Reaches immediately
  • Ensures optimal outputs
  • It has an unlimited reach and divergence.
  • It is relatively economical in nature.
  • The most recent way

It involves Planning, identifying the target audience, defining the objectives, Targeting, Segmenting and positioning the personalized customers along with sharing relevant data.

This also includes identifying the trend of customer preference and perception regarding the product through the generated response

The content mentioned shall be truthful and genuine in the context of the product having good subject lines to offer.

Autonomy of the email with correct format shall be the preferred consideration.

The focus shall more be on Relationship building having a Customer-Centric Approach.

SMS Marketing

  • A strategy that utilizes permission-based text messaging service to spread promotional messages for or by a business.
  • SMS Marketing is being brought into use to build a subscriber database so as to earn more and more customer loyalty.
  • The customers get updated about the product and perform information seeking for the further purchase process.
  • Nowadays SMS Marketing is more preferred to Email Marketing as the device is easy to use and can generate spontaneous results associated.