Lead Generation/ PPC

Lead Generation/ PPC

Lead Generation/ PPC

PPC is concerned with sponsoring Online Advertisement which is utilized on a number of websites. The advertiser pays only when his Ad is being clicked.

PPC Services

  • Campaign Management
  • Creation of Attractive Ads
  • Optimization of Keywords

Search Advertising

  • Placement of online advertisements that display results from the queries of the Search Engine.

Product Listing Ads

  • Cost per Click Ads being purchased by the merchants with the help of AdWords.

Display Advertising

  • Conveyance of a message through a visual demonstration by logos, photographs, videos etc.

Lead-Based Marketing

  • Creating Online Response through generating Leads or customer interest through digital platforms.


  • A method to attain the attention of customers or probable visitors who did not respond.

Social Advertising

  • Advertisement and promotions related to social welfare like health and well-being.

Mobile Advertising

  • A form of Mobile Marketing that involves using various promotional apps to induce customers and resultantly attract them.

Amazon Ads

  • Sponsored Ads for whom a sum of remuneration is being offered and paid each time a customer clicks upon the Ad.

PPC Reseller Services

  • White labeled platforms provided by an organization to resellers to rebrand a product or a service.

Affiliate Marketing

  • Basically, a performance-based marketing where business or the organization provides a commercial entity or an affiliate for securing or maintaining a lead.