SMO is peripherally the phenomenon of creating or incrementing the awareness of a particular product through a social media mode or a portal. The main motive is to publicise this particular information so as to grab more customers towards a particular product or a service.
When it comes to following a few rules and protocols there are a number of points collaborated in this reference.


  • Build up as a trustworthy and a qualified source.
  • Demonstration of data sources that are genuine and as per the specified product.


  • Inviting and inducing more sources and facilitating more encouragement.
  • Facilitation of sharing data and encouraging to promote more sharing.


  • Having the consolidated strength for the data set is made available or owned.
  • Gaining expertise in the particular information that is being possessed.


  • The existing data set or any other information or promotion should be creative and innovative.
  • The element of Leadership or the kick starter is the important element. Having an idea being used or implemented for the very first time.


  • Remaining considerably social in information sharing context with reaching up to a maximum social audience.



  • Analyzation of the best social media portals for spreading the better understanding of the concerned product.
  • Trying to build and create the maximum influence.



  • Use of more technically upgraded and updated tools to ensure the most successful and planned utilization.
  • These set a platform for the basics of SMO to be perfectly implemented.