Web Development

Web Development

Web Development

It primarily includes developing a website for either intranet or internet. The development can be static and simple in nature to a complex in application. This might include WEB Content development, client Liaoning, Scripting of the server side. Agile technologies are more prominent in large-scale operations.
The development can be either Full Stack or Front End in nature. Various software like Glassfish, LAMP and PERL/Plack can be brought into use.

It includes:-

  • Web and Graphic Designing’
  • Responsiveness over Mobile
  • Copyrighting of the web.
  • SEO

E-commerce Web Design

  • Basically, this involves an exchange of the Business Information through Electronic Data Interchange. The more attractive design attracts more and more customers or probable customers. The different digital platforms facilitate and have revolutionized the spread of information in a unique manner.

Content Management System

  • It is the most integral part of the Web Development where the content is primarily responsible for all the image creation as the first impression tool for the business.
    Content Management System is responsible for management of Creating and Modifying an electronically managed or Digital content.
    The usage is being enhanced to a number of users having a platform to manage and work on the digital platform creating and sharing content.

PSD TO XHTML Conversion services

  • Slicing up the PSD Document and creating or programming the XHTML document in return.
  • Application of the JAVA Script to the program.
  • Dealing with the IE6 challenges simultaneously.